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Overhead conveyor: An overhead variable speed conveyor ensures stable and clean handling of parts from start to finish.


Material handling system: This material handling system is designed to handle loads of sizes and shapes. Our line will accommodate different shapes and sizes up to 72 L x 48 H. We can also paint the smallest size part utilizing racks that can hold 70 pieces per rack.


Pre-treatment systems: Our pre-treatment system is a high quality 5-stage iron phosphate system. This 5-stage operation reduces time and labor. A filter system cleans solutions down to 5-micron particle level.

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Dry-off oven: Our gas-fired dry-off oven ensures that the parts are clean and dry before they enter our modern Wagner stainless steel powder coating booth.


Powder Coating Booth: Our large Wagner stainless steel powder coating booth has a collection system that provides complete containment. The Wagner system is known for providing innovative solutions for every powder coating challenge.


Bake Oven: Gas fired bake oven is equipped with a high-intensity infrared ramp system to speed paint curing. This increases both production and quality of finished parts.

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Our material handling system and overhead conveyor ensure the safety of your parts.

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